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At Embellishment '99 I noticed that most of the beaders were wearing bolder pieces at the Meet The Teachers event. I decided it was time for a book with more "drama" in the designs and this is the result! ADORN THYSELF contains 68 full color patterns and photos of the17 necklaces. Each necklace will have coordinating items such as amulet purses, small necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

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Review- ADORN THYSELF - Rocky Mountain Bead Society by Mary Timme

Adorn Thyself
by Suzanne Cooper 
Published by Suzanne Cooper. Priced at $19.95 plus $3.45 Shipping and Handling. E-mail: & Web Site: for pictures of the subjects covered in this book.

As usual Suzanne has provided a minimum of words for direction, but the directions are packed full of good sized and easy to read and understand instruction. You need to know peyote stitch or brick stitch, but if you are brave you could learn with one of the flat peyote bracelets. That way you would have a wonderful sample to learn from and as an end product. Suzanne is very clear on her title page about the purchaser of the book being able to use the designs for personal use and selling at arts and crafts show, but not to use these designs for mass production without written permission from the author. This is something we all need to keep in mind, whenever we sell the work designed by someone else.

There are sixty-four (64) patterns in this book, so it is chock full of inspiration and great ideas. For each design there is a pair of earrings, a bracelet, a small amulet/necklace and the design as pictured in full color. Charts are also full color. The people who beaded each design have a little paragraph about that if they wished, and Colorado's own, Betcy Ventrella beaded the eagle on the cover. For the bracelets and other pieces (such as the eagle) there are approximate measurements. As bead people we all know that variations in beads and personal technique make accurate measurements impossible.

The subject matter covers a wide range of interests. Some of the themes are animals, such as the eagle I'd mentioned, dragons, Madame Pele, Egyptian themes, African themes, Celtic knots, freeform and stylized themes and of course flowers. Each one is unique and wonderful.

I always enjoy and recommend Suzanne Cooper's books to new beaders. The graphs are full color, good sized and beautiful. There are also a chart and Delica numbers of the beads used in the sample. You may contact Suzanne for the book at the E-mail or Web Site above or at P.O. Box 445, Spring Branch, TX 78070.

This book will be available at your better local bead shops soon.

Review- ADORN THYSELF - Beadwork Site

Adorn Thyself Suzanne Cooper, 1999
Suzanne Cooper, Inc.
8 1/2 X 11, paperbound, 37 pages, color photos and graphs. $19.95

This is the best book to date by the delightful Suzanne Cooper! Full of tips, instructions, ideas, and, of course, glorious, yummy patterns!

This volume starts off with a great tutorial. Suzanne is a top-notch teacher as well as expert beadwork designer. Her tutorials are always terrific. Step by step instructions written in a smooth, easy style that a beginner could follow without problem. This great section helps make this book so superb.

Then on to the patterns! Sixty-four of them all together, and all of them are beauties!! From theButterfly to the Pyramids, the Dragon to the Iris, they are all glorious and perfectly done. There is a color photograph of each finished piece on the page, and a graph for the main, large piece. Also, there are graphs for the ancillary pieces, such as a bracelet or earrings. All of these patterns are beautiful and they are perfectly embellished, too!

Don't miss this one!

Review- ADORN THYSELF - Copper Coyote Beads Ltd

There aren't enough superlatives for either Suzanne Cooper's designs or for the execution of those designs by her "bead elves." The projects in "Adorn Thyself" are fun, sophisticated, elegant and cover so many subjects that there is something for EVERYONE! Whether you love brick stitch or peyote, you can make these gorgeous pieces -- and the designs include necklaces, earrings, amulet purses and bracelets so you can have an complete set. There are 64 patterns that include Pyramids, Peony, Dragon, Eagle, Bear Paw, Butterfly, Calla Lily, Giraffe, Rose, Celtic Knot and more. Basic flat and tubular peyote instructions are included as well as specific instructions for each type of piece. Brick stitch instructions are not included.