FAQs - My Web Site

Why are some of the photos missing from your site?

I had to remove the galleries because my site was over the server's limit.

Do you make your site yourself and what program do you use?

Yes, I make it all myself. It has become another addiction in addition to beads and chocolate! I use Adobe Page Mill to make the pages.

How do I crop and size my photos or scans to make them usable on a web site?

I have a little tutorial on this subject in my Jump Start Classroom section.

Between writing books and making your web site do you ever sleep?

Not much!!! Actually I am a night owl and stay up until the wee hours since that is my most creative time. It's also the only time I have peace and quiet from the telemarketers. I sleep late and consider anything before 10 am to be part of the previous night!!!

Where can I find the old free patterns that used to be on your site?

I remove the free pattern when I put up a new one. Moral of the story is that you could copy the patterns when you see them since there is no rhyme or reason for when I change them. Some of the patterns as well as some you haven't seen can be found here: Bead-Patterns.com There are tons of patterns on my Bead-Patters-24-7 site.