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May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings Slow to make
enemies, quick to make friends. But rich or poor,quick or slow,
may you know nothing but happiness From this day forward.

Ballintubber Abbey is an incrediably beautiful and peaceful place. Our guide had definitely kissed the Blarney Stone more than once and made our tour a wonderful experience. She old us Pierce Brosnan will be married there this fall and had not only invited her but said she could invite anyone she wanted to. She invited us! See what I mean about the Blarney Stone? Betcey and Bonnie are enjoying the peace and quiet in the photo below.

The abbey was built in 1216 and despite the fact that the abbey was suppressed by Henry VIII in 1524 and was wrecked by Cromwellian soldiers in 1653 and suffered the effects of the Penal laws in the 18th Century it has continued to be used as a place of worship up to the present day. It has been labeled "The Abbey that refused to die." The nave of the church was rebuilt, following a fire, in 1265. In 1653 the Cromwellians destroyed the roof of the church but the ruined church continued to be used for mass throughout penal times. The church was finally restored in 1966.