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A health to the health of your enemy's enemies!

 Cynthia Rutledge was our teacher for the 10 days. She is a wonderful teacher and lot of fun! She designed a necklace for us featuring a fuchsia called "Celtic Garden." Ireland has wild fuchsia everywhere you look!


I hope to have a
better photo of the
necklace soon but
at least this will give
you a hint!

After 10 days of hosting a group of crazy beaders one has to wonder if Cheryl is climbing out the window to escape us or was she really trying to adjust the window? She might have escaped had Betcey not noticed her!


OK, it's time for me to tell you the story of Cynthia and the eight foot cow! Cynthia may break my beads for telling but I like to live dangerously so here goes! One night after class Cynthia decided to walk home with only a flashlight to light the way through a very dark night..... yes, it was a dark and storm night. Sounds like the beginning of a gothic novel, doesn't it? I digress. As you can imagine, a village with no sidewalks does not have street lamps either so we are talking about some major dark! About the time Cynthia came to our building she came face-to-face with an eight foot cow.... her description, not mine. She screamed and the cow reached it's head out to nuzzle her. Do you have any idea how fast a woman can run when an eight foot cow nuzzles her? Darned fast!!! So fast that she passed our building without seeing it and found herself down the street a good distance. After finally realizing that our building had not been moved she returned to tell us the story... with eyes about the size of dinner plates! Was there really an eight foot cow, you ask? No, but there was a normal sized, very friendly milk cow standing on a little rock fence!!! And will Cynthia ever live this down? I think not!!!!