Ireland 2000


Quiet Man

Our village


The Pub


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Mulrany County Mayo, Ireland

May you have warm words on a cold evening a full moon on
a dark night and the road downhill all the way to your door


This old rock building was converted to a bed and breakfast and was our home for the BeadAdventure. Cheryl said it was a barn at one time. Hmmmm, I wonder why she placed us there, don't you? The lower floor has a kitchen and dining area. Our bedrooms were on the upper floor. Our teacher, Cynthia Rutledge was also assigned to our building. Little did we know that she would fit right in with our brand of insanity but she did! This area is where Cynthia met the eight foot cow...... but that story is for later! You'll notice that there are no sidewalks in the village. Everyone walks on the side of the road which is barely wide enough for two cars. The cars pass the pedestrians as though they were another car. It was unnerving at first!

The building on the right is across the street from our building. Each morning we walked across to find our landlady Sheila waiting to serve our breakfast. Never mind if we didn't feel hungry because she insisted we eat...... and eat we did.... a LOT! Every morning we had a typical Irish breakfast which was the same in Dublin and Galway as well as Mulrany. Breakfast starts with cereal, juice and Irish soda bead. Next comes toast, at least 2 eggs, Irish bacon which is very much like our ham, a sausage, a grilled tomato slice and black pudding. Black pudding is blood sausage and Sheila didn't make us eat it, thank goodness!


Clew Bay was across the highway from out little home. It was amazing to watch the tides come and go.
Bonnie went looking for shells and other goodies. I think she was praying she could move to Ireland.