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"A Tale of Beads, Ireland and an Eight Foot Cow"

May you have food and raiment,
A soft pillow for your head,
May you be forty years in heaven
Before the devil knows you're dead.

Our adventure began when Valerie Hixson arrived at the Cincinnati airport from Grass Valley, CA, Suzanne Cooper from San Antonio, TX, Bonnie Brooks from Richardson, TX and Betcey Ventrella from Rollinsville, CO. We visited Dublin first and of course we had to visit a bead store! Here we are with Robert Neilson the owner of Yellow Brick Road. The real owner is Stacey Neilson but she was out of town so sadly we did not get to meet her. The store is great and of course we had to buy some beads although we each took enough to make a bezillion projects!

One of the highlights of Dublin was seeing "Riverdance" on stage. Wow! And of course we had to pay homage to the Book of Kells and we were all ready to start beading Celtic designs.

Our next stop was Galway. We traveled by train and beaded the entire trip. After two days in Galway (and empty wallets) the rest of our group arrived in Shannon. They picked us up at our hotel and we headed to our village which is called Mulrany and is in County Mayo

I hope you enjoy our photos! These are a mixture of photos from the cameras of Betcey, Suzanne, Valerie and Bonnie.

Now, about that eight foot cow..... that's another story and can't be told until our teacher Cynthia Rutledge has joined in this saga!