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Second Looks - Reviews

REVIEW - Beadwork

Second Looks Suzanne Cooper 2000

Suzanne Cooper, Inc.
8 1/2 X 11, Paperbound, 40 pages, Color photos, Color graphs. $19.95

This book did cause me to stop and take a second look! I wondered "when did Suzanne take to the loom?" Of course, she did not, but she took a traditionally loom worked style and made it her own, to be stitched in either Peyote or Brick stitches.

Since she is one of the Queens of Peyote, I should never have doubted her. And as a Queen, she has certainly given these pieces the royal treatment. Thirty new patterns, all of which are fantastic. Each pattern include a large centerpiece pattern, and alternate smaller centerpiece pattern, and the patterns for the strap insets and back panel.

Suzanne also goes into intricate detail as to how to assemble these necklaces properly. She recommend the type of mounting board to use, and, as complicated as these necklaces look, reading her simple and clear instructions will dispel any fear of them you may have. In fact, they look downright easy!

Of course a project of this type will require a certain skill level to complete. The basic centerpieces and strap pieces will not require a great deal of skill: reading a Peyote grid and knowing the stitch, included increases and decreases is required. Making the strap strands proves to be a bit more difficult as they do require a lot of attention be paid to them. Additional embellishment, is, of course, up to you.

Intermediate and advanced beaders will want to grab this ne, and give one of these lovely necklaces a try! First one out for me - Tumbling Blocks! Enjoy!

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~ Paula S. Morgan



Second Looks by Suzanne Cooper
Softbound, 40 pgs., full color,, retailers contact Helby Imports for wholesale orders, book #BK2212; retail customers can contact Helby for the nearest bead or fiber store carrying this book. HELBY@IDT.NET,, 908-474-1000, fax 908-474-2100.

Most beaders know Suzanne is an accomplished artist and a very creative designer. I enjoy the designs in every book she authors with the exception of no how to instructions, only patterns provided. This time Suzanne has included the how to instructions in Second Looks which makes me very happy.

Suzanne states two reasons for the title and tells you why. I can think of a third. When you look at some of the patterns, you have to look a second time to see all the design elements and subject matter in the pattern that include complex shapes and details with light and shade. All the necklaces are worked using peyote techniques but look like they were woven on a loom. Each motif looks like a split loom woven necklace.

Three small color charts are included to depict the size of a motif in Delicas, 11/0 and size 14/0 beads to give you a better idea of the scale and size of the piece using each type bead.

The Table of Contents is comprised of 15 color plates of the projects along with the page each project starts on. Illustrations and instructions are given for even and odd count flat peyote and even count tubular peyote. The how to of brick stitch is not included, however, Suzanne indicates you can make the patterns using brick stitch if you turn the patterns 90 degrees. It is assumed that if you want to do them in brick stitch, you already know the beading technique.

There is a layout of a necklace as if it were stretched on a loom using a foam core board instead. She shows placement of the sections of the necklace for planning and combining the beaded sections together.

The patterns are very diverse; geometrics, florals, ocean waves, abstract island, waves, dragon, gecko, tiger, paisley and optical patterns that appear three dimensional. Every pattern is lovely and the overall design that Susanne brings together is what makes each necklace a designer choice. My favorite is the Tiger, it is very realistic with great dimension. You do not see the whole face of the tiger, it is more like a section of the tiger, like a quick close up photo as if one got a little too close for comfort. Each pattern includes a full page color chart and a color image of the finished necklace. Delica color numbers are included for each pattern with a dot of the color next to the number.

Each necklace has different type fringing She does not include instructions for the fringing but the techniques are common enough that most beaders know how to work them. What makes the fringe more unique is the type of accent and end beads used. The dragon necklace has tassels on the ends and the Ocean and Island has strung beads and glass leaves woven along the edge on one side.

If you enjoy working charted patterns with peyote or brick stitch and want to add split woven necklaces to your collection without using a loom, Suzanne's Second Looks is the answer.


Review- SECOND LOOKS- Copper Coyote Ltd

ALL of Suzanne's books are worth a second look -- and more -- but this one is called "Second Looks" because, at first glance, the projects look like split loom technique -- but surprise, they are NOT! Suzanne has cleverly designed projects for peyote or brick stitch with multiple panels joined by strung beads. And the projects are gorgeous, as we've come to expect from a Suzanne Cooper book. So for those of you who aren't into loomwork, but want the look of those gorgeous necklaces, this is the book for you. You can even make amulet bags from the designs if you don't want the split loom look! Instructions for types of peyote stitch are included, as are instructions for the stringing of the "in between" beads, but there are no instructions included for brick stitch.