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It took me ages to figure out what was wrong with the color key because I had number 1363 listed twice. A little DUH moment caused this! I actually used A #764 for the tiger's nose which is a Toyo bead. I cropped the jpg too closely and cut off part of the color key. It should have said that you can substitute DB #1363 for A #764. Thus the mystery of that color is solved.

On to the next problem which is #764! The color key has the oval a dark brown and it should have been a dark terra cotta. On the color key below the dark boo boo oval is to the left of the proper one.

Number 65 is listed twice and I should have removed the one with the red line through it. I changed the color of the beads to make them easier to see and forgot to remove it.

While looking for the first two things I discovered another problem area. Somewhere between the time I made the pattern and the time the book was printed I lost the color in a few beads. Look at the upper left corner and you'll see some white beads in the midst of a black area which should be black. These are outlined in red in the graph below. To the left of the white beads you'll see a few beads outlined in green that should the same # 331 as the surrounding beads. Since there are so many colors in a real tiger it really doesn't matter if these small areas are white. What the heck..... you could make a white tiger if you want to!!!