This class is what I believe is the world's first animated beadwork classroom. Yep, you're right... I just learned to make animations and got a little carried away with it!!! I'll do the harder lessons the regular way. I just thought this would be fun! Be patient until our automated beader gets started! I think she needs another cup of strong coffee! Once she gets going she is tireless..... and she works CHEAP!!!

This is the finished project. Don't wait for it to move!

Are you ready to make this little pattern in Even Count Payote Stitch? I think this is the easiest stitch of all. All you have to do is weave across from one side to the other, turn around and bead back the other way! We'll get a little trickier as the lessons progress but for now this is all you have to learn!

You will be coming out of the bead on the far LEFT. You'll notice this bead is blinking. Add a blue bead (blinking) and go through the bead to the right. You've got the idea now so just bead across to the end of the row.

For the next row you come out of the end bead on the RIGHT which is blinking, add a blue bead (blinking) and beadover to the other side. This is EASY, isnt it? If you are totally righthanded like I am you may want to turn your work over so you are working right to left each time.


You've got the hang of it now! Look at how much faster your beading is going! Just keep going back and forth until your piece is finished!

Have you noticed that our animated beader is very well versed in The Frog Stitch? I don't know why she keeps ripping her work out each time. I thought it looked pretty good!!!! If you don't know The Frog Stitch you can learn it here!

As soon as I get off this animation kick I'll add a classroom dealing with increasing and decreasing! I promise to do them the regular way and I thank you for putting up with my silliness! It takes so little to amuse me!!!!