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Internal Increase is on this page.

~~~~~~~~~~ One Column Increase ~~~~~~~~~~

A pattern with an increase on the edge such as shown in Figure 1 used to strike fear in my heart because I couldn't get the hang of it. It seems so logical that one would simply come out of the purple bead and add two blue beads. Not so! You will do your increase on the next row up. I know, it shouldn't work but it does!

Come out of the pink bead, add two blue beads and go back into the pink bead. (Figure 2)


Go through the purple bead, the two blue beads and the pink bead (Figure 3 & 4) and continue weaving.

~~~~~~~~~~ Two Column Increase ~~~~~~~~~~

Increase 2 rows by adding 3 blue beads to the edge. Go through the first blue bead, (Figure 5) and the pink bead.

Go through the purple bead and back through the blue beads. (Figure 6) Your increase by two rows is made! Continue beading with the white beads.

~~~~~~~~~~ Even MORE Columns Increase ~~~~~~~~~~

As you have learned you know that two beads are added to the edge to make a one column increase and three beads are added to make a two column increase. Surprise! You now know how to increase by as many beads as you need. Have you figured out the trick? You're right...... you add one more bead than the amount of columns you want to increase. Six column increase? Add seven beads! Eight column increase? Add nine beads!

Congratulations! You now know how to increase on the edge of Flat Peyote!