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 Let's see if I can explain the traditional turn in odd count peyote by using huge graphs and numbers that change when needed. Hang in there with me.... this will work!!!

As you know there is no problem with the turn on one side of your beadwork since there are beads waiting for you to go through. The problem comes when you reach the other end and find yourself faced with Mr. OhNoWhatNowBead. There is no bead waiting for you and no logical way to anchor the bead. Mr. OhNoWhatNowBead is always outlined in red.

At this point you have to tell Mr. OhNoWhatNowBead to wait it's turn. After you exit #14 go back through #1 and #A in the previous row. Are you with me so far?

Now you invite Mr. OhNoWhatNowBead to join the party! At this point I will change the numbers and we will deal with only the last few beads on the row. Add Mr. OhNoWhatNowBead (now #1), go through #2 and #3. Bring your needle up to the top row and go through #4.

Exit #4 and go through #5 and #6. Now go back through Mr. OhNoWhatNowBead which is now #7. Voila! Mr. OhNoWhatNowBead is now firmly anchored in place and you bead across the row as usual. Did you notice that you made a big X with your thread? X marks the spot where you finally conquered the dreaded traditional turn in Odd Count Peyote.

There is another type of turn in the Flat Peyote Class. I use both types as I see fit.