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Mea culpa!


I wish I could blame these errors on my printer or someone but I can't. I made the typos and I apologize for having done so. There always seems to be a few typos in every book but why, why, why did it have to be in the color key? I finally discovered my main problem. I had two lists of colors, one of the bead colors and another with information for my printer. I accidentally used the printer's numbers in some of the color keys (Hummingbird Buffet and Garden Gate for example).

I'd like to thank everyone who wrote to tell me about the boo boos. I appreciate your help and support. It has taken a while to make the corrections because I was out of the country until after Embellishment. I took some extra time to look at each of the color keys to make sure I have this correct. If I type this very slooooooowly perhaps I won't make another typo!

Many of the colors you may have thought were incorrect actually are correct. Light plays strange tricks with lined beads and those with an AB finish so the photograph may not look like the samples you see on your bead card. Beads also take on additional color from the beads around them and a large area of beads will look totally different from the way they look on the bead card. A good example of this can be seen in the photo of the Beaded Greeting. The color is #765 which is a matte transparent lilac. This bead looks very pale until a large amount is grouped.

Several people could not find the opaque yellow #160 I used in the Lemonade and Trolley patterns. It is on two of my bead cards and I have a nice stash of them so I can't imagine what the problem could be with this one!

On the Mariposa pattern some confusion was caused because I list #769 for the dark brown used in the branch. I have been informed that this bead was previously #750. Why did the company change this number? I haven't a clue.

I'm happy to report that the following seem to be correct: SLOT MACHINE, FLOWER BASKET, MARIPOSA, FLOWER CART, LADYBUG and ONION DOMES. Do I hear a smattering of applause because I did a few correctly???

#666 should be #765
(Obviously the devil made me do this!)

# 86 = 861

#910 and #160 are reversed.

#422 = #336

#46 = 655
#160 = 855
# 910 = 744
# 920 = 747

#373 & #327 are reversed


DB # 130 = # 651
DB # 356 = # 605
DB # 10 = #310 Matte (#10 will work)

Oops, I listed the pink flower colors twice.
The purple flowers should be #783 & #610.

DB #518 = 782
DB # 464 = 380
DB # 4665 = 69
DB # 485 = 683
DB #3282 = 605
DB #604 = 53
DB #138 = 651
DB # 360 = 984
DB # 363 = 655

One of my on-line beading buddies teased me by saying I did this on purpose becaue she knows I feel everyone should choose their own colors to add their own artistry to the piece. Trust me, I didn't!!! This is terribly embarrasing and I am now going into the garden and eat a worm!