As shown in Dimensions!

My personal Lemonade Amulet has more lemons.


PUCKER UP!!! I bought a stash of lemon beads for use on the Lemonade pattern in Dimensions!. These are new beads and slightly different in color from the vintage ones but the size is the same. The vintage lemons were a combination of opaque and transparent yellows. If you have some of them hang on to them because as far as I know there are no more to be had. Someone must have had a new mold made from one of the old beads and I am so thrilled to have found them for you. These lemons are all opaque yellow. These may be available at your local bead store but if not you can order from me.

I have packaged the lemons in two quantities so you can choose the amount you want to use in your amulet or for earrings, etc.


10 Lemon Beads - $5.50


20 Lemon Beads - $10.00

ONE Priority Mail charge of $3.85 (within the US) will automatically be added by PayPal. Only one postage charge will be added no matter how many items you want to order.

Foreign customers need to click the Postage icon to add extra postage to bring the total amount up to $7.00 for Canada, Europe and Mexico and $9.00 for all other countries.

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