I have been asked many times if I have a favorite of all the windows I've made so I though I'd show one of them! This tiny gothic window was made in record time to go into a huge sand castle. Judy Garwood and I were in a local mall where World Charmpion Sand Castle builders, The Amazin' Walter and his partner, Sandy Feet were in the process of constructing a castle that ended up being over 25 feet tall. This was being done for charity and for a donation they would put your name on it. After spending two lunch hours watching them build Judy and I decided they needed a window. The Amazin' Walter agreed so we rushed back to Judy's store and constructed it in about 25 minutes with foiling help from some students. Our only problem was how it would stand up in the sand so we soldered a brazing rod on each side. The Amazin' Walter was truly amazed when we returned so quickly with the window and they placed it in the castle immediately. If you would like you can see more fantastic sand castles SAND CASTLE CENTRAL



What a wonderful surpise! I got an e-mail from Sandy Feet (aka Lucinda Wierenga) with this photo of the little window which is still displayed in her home after all these years! Sandy has a professional web site service and is still building competition sandcastles. Sandy and her partner The Amazin' Walter have authored a book on the subject called The SoB "Take Me To The Beach" Sand Castle Book.


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