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Aug. 21, '08 I've been working like mad to convert three books to e-book format. At long last they are finished. "Dimensions!", "Second Looks" and "Adorn Tyself" are available now!

Aug. 3, '08 A new free beadwork pattern was added to my site. It's about time, don't you think?

April 5, '07 I've been working on some new e-books and patterns. Some have been uploaded and some are still in the works.

May 15, 06 I began uploading e-books and patterns to me site today. Take a look!

April 25, 06 For those of you who kept up with the saga of my trip to Russia to help my friend bring home her new daughter I have an update. Wait until you see Alexandra now!!!

April 6, 06 It seems like I've been ignoring this page, doesn't it? I've been keeping in touch through my newsletter so please sign up.

The best new thing in my life is my puppy Sam! You can see some photos of him here. And yes, I know, I'm a repulsive puppy mommie.

April 6, 06 I have some photos of a trip to Ireland Coop and I made last summer.

And if you haven't seen enough of Ireland I have some photos of the Beadventure Trip - Ireland 2000.
Now if I could find the photos of a trip Bonnie and I made in 2002. Can you tell I love Ireland?

Old stuff......

June, 03 I was thrilled to present a beaded necklace to Suzanne Somers. It has a characture of her on it.

May 5, 03 Postage charges have been changed on all my book pages. I think you will like the change! You will be charged only ONE postage charge no matter how many books you order. Yeah, I know what you are thinking..... it has taken me long enough to figure out how to do the shopping cart!!!
Bead Pattern Books
Stained Glass Pattern Books

I am in the process of uploading some single bead patterns to the site. These will be sent to you by e-mail in pdf format. I hope you will enjoy my new patterns! I uploaded some patterns today. I also have Stained Glass Patterns from my out-of-print book "Les Femmes" for sale.

It's back again! JUNE 19

Dec 15: I finally found the problem on the Tiger Color Key!

"SECOND LOOKS" Once again I apologize for my lack of typing skills.There are three boo boos in the color key in the Ocean & Island pattern. Corrected Color Key I have had many requests for the number of beads used in this pattern so I counded every blinking one of those little ovals!!! The number of beads used is shown on the color key. There is also one boo boo in the Chinese Dragon Color Key and you'll find the corrections here. I've also been told that there are boo boos in the Tiger colors and I am working on those.

July 9 - You can see more of my patterns on Rita Sova's new pattern site plus many other designer's work! BEAD-PATTERNS.COM

I owe many apologies to those of you who have written asking where to get the coins for the Slot Machine pattern in Dimensions. I thought they were in the Fire Mountain catalogue and just discovered today that it is the Shipwreck catalogue. The item number is 10F1708-G. The 800 number is 800-950-4232.

PUCKER UP!!! I bought a stash of lemon beads for use on the Lemonade pattern in Dimensions. These are new beads and slightly different in color from the vintage ones but the size is the same. I am so thrilled to have found them for you.

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