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Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #101 April 4 '08

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I found a new translation web page!

Heads up dragon lovers! There is a dragon sculpture in the Beading For a Cure auctions this week. Take a peek at all their goodies! New items go on sale every week so check often.

It feels so like spring in Santa Fe today. My hands are really wanting to get new plants in the ground. I know it's too early so I have to slap my hands. Guess I'd better get out the beads and get to work. Any excuse is a good excuse to bead. Right?

I've almost gone off the deep end trying to get all the bead patterns and e-Books on my web site to work properly. I could handle this better if it were my fault but it isn't. It's the download service's fault. I think everything except the Russian Leaves is working now. That one may or may not work. SIGH. If you want an item and can't get it to show up in the shopping cart just send the money to me by PayPal at I'll e-mail the file to you just as quickly as I can. Please e-mail me if you find another wonky one. As far as I know all the stained glass downloads are working.

Till the next time, bead well.


DRAGONHEART - Embroidered Necklace

Varadian Beaded Couture

New "Wedding" contest on!

Milyn King has beaded smudge feathers and drum feathers.

Mmmm - Miyuki Contest # 2

Mmmm - Miyuki Contest # 3

Yael Krakowski site and Klimt02 Community.

Blue Bonnet Studio

Jewelry for your trees..... Hey, don't shoot the messenger! I just report these things!

Caravan Beads says "A long while back we asked Miyuki if they could produce smaller Delicas. After many months of work, they told us that it was possible and we placed an order. These new 15/0 precision-cut Delicas (DBS) are now in production with an initial run of 127 colors. We don't have a delivery date yet."

The Bead Star challenge rules.

Knitty - Felted Beads

Woolcrafting - Felted Beads


Marilyn Radzat Fantasy Art

Colourlovers - Trends and Palettes

Lynn wrote "I have a request ... in your next newsletter ... would you please include something newsworthy on the environmental front ... I belong to Catalogue Choice. I list the catalogs I no longer wish to receive (about 50 now) for various reasons (no interest, save the trees, etc., ) and they contact these companies and ask them to remove my name from their mailing list. I am sure your loyal readers would like to know about this service."

And now a word from our sponsor.... me!



I have to brag a wee bit here. A photographer wrote for permission to use one of my poems with his photograph. I feel so honored.

Glass Paperweight Exhibit - Illinois State Museum

Bonnie Stowe - Puddy Tat Glass

Bovard Studios

Heart Bead Art Glass

Kliszewski Glass

Ginny Hampton Schmidt - Glass Beads


OK, you know those poeple who dress the geese on their front step? This is better!!!!!

Burma Shave with the Statler Brothers

Yankee or Dixie Quiz

What color are you?

Simon's Cat 'Let Me In!'

Simon's Cat 'Wake up'

Your Beady Name Generator You know you have always wanted to have a cool beady name. Now is your chance!

Tropical Glen Jukebox - The top 100 songs from the golden years of popular music. What was popular the year you were born?

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