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Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #106 July 13 '08

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Oops! I forgot to upload the web page with the latest needlecase e-book #3 which I finished weeks ago. DUH!!! Here 'tis!

At long last I've finished converting the files for "Adorn Thyself" to e-Book format. My eyes are bulging out of my head from looking at all the graphs! I promised some of you I'd let you know when it was finished. It's ready! Wheeeee! I made the graphs easier to see so I think you will enjoy this e-Book.

Enjoy the eye candy and until the next time, bead well.


There are some great photo of the Bead Dreams exhibit on Lisa Kan's blog.

More photos on the My Lovely Beads web site:

2008 Beautiful Beads Calendar, free download from Diane Fitzgerald.

Easy Sorter Funnel Tray - silver clay dust - sort beads

Edda Blume

Blue Rose Bridal Boutique

Cindy Caraway

Warren Feld

Krista  Raak (Estonia) Beads, ribbons and other glorious items on her artwork!

Messy studio photos! Some of these actually make me feel good about my mess!

Art Across the Oceans Creative Cruise

Treasures of TOHO - An Emerging Artist Bead Competition

Your Designs Rock - Rings & Things contest winners

Crafts and Copyrights: Copyright FAQs

Absolutely Beads

Bali Beaded Baskets

Betty Pillsbury

Judy Walker

Sig Wynne-Evans has a new chapter (#7) in her "The Cracked Bead" that is full of good info on selling beadwork. As usual, Sig write in a rather "salty" fashion so if you are easily offended just pass this up.

 And now a word from our sponsor.... me!

Red Macaw Beaded Feather

Anasazi Design 5 Bracelets



Ayako's Glass Garden


Vintage Buttons

CC's Buttons


Flame Warriors - you just may recognize some of them!

This is soooooo cute! The Puppy Singer: Sings them to sleep

This would be great fun if you happen to have 2000 boxes of corn starch and a giant tub handy!

Funny cat photo site!

"Middle Aged Woman" Youtube

Time yourself and challenge your friends to solve these animal jigsaw puzzles

Smart or Stoopid Test

There are some  gorgeous tarot cards in the results of this quiz:

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