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Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #107 July 28 '08

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Indian Market is less than a month away. The Santa Fean magazine devoted to the market arrived this weekend and had lots of beautiful beadwork photos. I have some links today and will have more as the local galleries begin getting new work on their web sites. I am working as a volunteer this year. I will work one day helping the artists check in their entries. Can't wait to see the beautiful things! I will work the Silent Auction Friday night during the Best of Show Awards Ceremony. Saturday night I'll work the Silent Auction again during the "Gala Dinner and Auction" where I'll get to watch the rich people eat, drink and bid huge amounts of money for art. I wonder if the will give the volunteers a crust of bread and a cup of water? Probably not so I'd best have a lot of chocolate in my purse!

I am a happy camper today! At long last I've finished converting the files for three of my books that are out of print. I now have "Dimensions!", "Adorn Thyself" and "Second Looks" ready. I feel like I have three lost children back!

I uploaded a new bracelet book this week. "5 PEYOTE BRACELETS Group 7" joins in the party as does "5 PEYOTE BRACELETS Group 6". Actually I uploaded the file for Group 6 three weeks ago and forgot to upload the web site page. Just a wee DUH moment there!

Enjoy the eye candy and until the next time, bead well.


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