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Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #108 August 15 '08

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HELP!!! I'm being held captive by a TV set tuned to the Summer Olympics! I love, love, love the winter games but didn't think I liked the summer ones. Wrong again. I've been watching till the wee hours every night. I now have bags under my eyes.... big bags..... big black bags! I made a little amulet purse pattern with the Harmony symbol. It's on my free pattern page if you want it.

I started a Love-2-Bead blog last week. It's all Mary Tafoya's fault because she all but dared me to do it. Don't laugh at my beginning efforts or I'll send my evil twin, Lucretia to steal your beads. She's mean. I'm afraid of her. I digress..... back to the blog discussion. Here's a search engine you can use to find bead blogs! Blogsearch

Enjoy the eye candy and until the next time, bead well.


The Art of Russia

Jan Huling - Beadist - Way cool beadwork in this Etsy shop! Jan's web site

Kristine Buchanan Micro Macrame

A fab two person swap! Frany and Sabina

Crimp Sizes Tutorial

Rings & Things Check out the "Fashion Forecast - Colors for Fall 2008"

Bead Shapes

e-How Beading instructions

The Newark Museum Beaded Prayers Project June 4 - Aug 24 Glass Beads of Ghana Now through 2009

Artful Muse

Miyuki Beads - different Delica sizes.

Leah Henriquez Ready -Turtle Dreams- Beaded Jewelry and Art Dolls

Jennifer Morris Beads & Jewelry (read the poetry under each one)

Beaders Showcase

 And now a word from our sponsor.... me!



Caitlin Hyde - beads and glass sculpture


Christian The Lion - Reunited - From "The View"

34 years and 110,000 toothpicks in the making! This toothpick structure won 1st place at the Sonoma County Fair. Ping pong balls in action


Human Slinky performing for Half Time Basketball Creighton University Omaha Nebraska

This is tough, & frustrating. Click on the ball and it will change color..... or so they tell me!

The following may be the ultimate in silliness but they are FUN to watch!

I've Been Everywhere (in Texas that is...)

I've Been Everywhere man - Australian Version

I've Got Body Hair

I've Drank Every Beer

I've Been Everywhere

We've Been Everywhere In Texas Too!

Music Video - I've Been Everywhere In Texas

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