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Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #109 September 3 '08

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I've been a busy little beader lately. I did volunteer work for Indian Market this year and had a great time. I got to see the prize winners and was totally blown away by the beadwork. I have some blog enries about the experience.Love-2-Bead blog There are some fabulous photos of beadwork as well as other art work in Ann Murdy's galleries here and here.

I've been working on some new patterns. I love making patterns! Several people have mentioned wanting amulet purse patterns so I have the first e-Book ready. It's called Celtic Knot Amulet Purses. The patterns can also be used for small necklaces.

Enjoy the eye candy and until the next time, bead well.

Celtic Knot Amulet Purses/Necklaces


Cindy Spalding wrote me that she used Fireline (6#, fused) for her Really, Really Round Flat Peyote pieces. She said it eliminated the need for taping and anchoring. Thanks for the tip Cindy!

Kathy Haynes

Mary Tafoya's Seriousbeader Blog has a post about the darndest earrings ever!

Jacky Menhennet has a new web site.

Ebay Tips and Tricks for Beadmakers

Andi's Art Gallery

Amolia Willowsong - Jewelry Gallery

Marcus Amerman has a new web site!

Beadizzy - Valerie Pratt

Beadwork by Tina Koyama

Wildest Dreams Designs - Cyndi Lavin

Beading In The Rain - Beautiful photos of beads

PowerPro Fishing line in a plethora of other colors!

 And now a word from our sponsor.... me!



Gil Reynolds' son Lee had to have a heart transplant. The glass community is having an auction for him. There are some interesting items in the auction that you might be interested in. Gil Reynolds is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet and the BEST fusing teacher I ever had.

One Eared Cow Glass

Debbie Tarsitano

1st Annual World Flame Off


Panthea's Create-a-Goddess

Jennifer Maestre Sculpture



Lion Cut Cat - Your laugh for the day ... maybe the week!

More animal photos on Snopes. Some false but most true.



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