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Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #110 September 21 '08

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Yea, it's almost fall! Fall is my favorite time of the year. The green chile roasters are going strong all over Santa Fe. I love, love, love the fragrance. I bought new red chile ristras for my house. I have a photo on my blog.

I was asked to spread the word about a fantastic bead raffle. Due to suffering a stroke Gini Farnham (Carpe Beadum) is closing her on-line store and selling chances win all her beads (more than $12,000 retail value). The winner receives her entire store stock of 11/0 Delicas (EVERY COLOR, including the recently discontinued colors) as well as some larger Delicas. You can get all the scoop here.

Enjoy the eye candy and until the next time, bead well.

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