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Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #112 Oct. 17 '08

Happy Halloween!

OK, so I'm a wee bit early. Better early than late, right? I'm working on some Christmas ornaments this week so Halloween may pass without me knowing it. These ornaments are very different and pretty darned spiffy if I do say so myself! I should be able to have some of the patterns available in a few days. I'll send another newsletter when they are ready.

While you're waiting for the little goblins to ring your doorbell on Halloween night here's a game for you to play. Cat Bowling So far my best score is 60. It's a shame when one is no more athletic on a computer than they are in person!

Enjoy the eye candy and until the next time, bead well.

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Purses - Necklaces #2

Stained Glass Madonna
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Blue wool shirt of Louis O'Soup, the Plains Ojibwa or Saulteaux leader Blood, 19th century AD - Canadian Plains, North America

Smoked skin shirt belonging to Mékaisto, or Red Crow Blood, AD 1880s - Canadian Plains, North America Head chief of the Kainai, or Blood

Beaded pad saddle - Blackfoot, 19th century AD - Canadian Plains, North America

Coral and glass bead necklace - Berber, early 20th century AD - Kabyle, Algeria

Bride's apron - Ndebele, probably 20th century AD - South Africa

Money hat - Samu'ah, southern Hebron hills - Palestinian Authority, AD 1840s (with later additions)

Necklace of blue cast glass beads and their gold covers - Mycenaean, about 1400-1300 BC - From Tomb 4, Ialysos (modern Triánda), Rhodes, Aegean Sea





William Morris

Karen Lamonte


Growing Up In The Fifties

The Cars We Drove In The 50s & 60s

When Life Was In Black & White


British-American Dictionary

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Find out what day of the week you were born.

Dog escapes!!!

We thought our dog Sam was bad when he opened his cage.... at least he didn't let anyone else out!

 And now a word from our sponsor.... me!

Mini Plate of Tacos
Miniature Chinese Lantern

Pueblo Pottery Necklace

Southwest Amulet
Purses - Necklaces #1


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