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Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #116 Jan. 14 '09

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The holidays are over and I'm back at work on some new designs. I have 2 new e-Books with heart designs for your Valentine beading pleasure!

Uncle Jay Explains: Year-end! 12-22-08

This is too cool! Pandora Radio is a free internet radio that lets you enter the name of an artist and it plays nothing but music by that person. I listened to Elvis in honor of his birthday Jan 8.

Enjoy the eye candy and until the next time, bead well.

New! 1-14-09

Hearts! e-Book
 New! 1-14-09

Be My Valentine
Group 1 e-Book


Madeline Kaczmarczyk

"Calder Jewelry" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Claspgarten for clasps especially if you live in Europe!

OK, here's one for the rest of us! A Grain of Sand

Rocky Mountain Bead Society 2009 Bead Bazaar

Gaslight Beadwork

Concealed Square Knot Tutorial

Katherina Kostinsky (Russia)

Magic Beads (Russia)

Passion for Beads (Germany)

Joggles Online Classes, Czech glass buttons & flat square beads

Designers Findings

Anne Choi

The Woven Bead 2009 Calendar

Liza Lou's latest work

Louise Hill Designs

New work by Teri Greeves

Flowered Donut tutorial by Murphy's Beads


Cielo Design

Salamander House Studio

Triz Designs


Suzanne's Love-2-Bead blog!

Beading at the Beach

The Lone Beader


Louise Hill Blog

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Lino Tagliapietra in Retrospect

Glass blowers of Murano smashed by crisis

AK Designs

Ginnovations Lampwork


Swat the flies!

Turn your sound on.........  Why the Printer Won't Work

About those e-mails you MUST forward!

The Master Buck Shoot

A bit late but still funny..... Santa Claus Bailout Hearings

Harbin, China Snow Sculpture Art Fair 2007

Harbin Ice & Snow Festival (YouTube)

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