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Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #117 Jan. 20 '09

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This is a Super Quickie Newsletter just to let you know a couple of important things.

First, if you are planning to come to Santa Fe for Bead Fest (March 12-15 '09) it's not too early to make reservations. I made a page with tons of info for you. I have links to hotels, restaurants, tourist guides, travel info and I'm not sure what else! If I missed something important that you need to know you can e-mail me. I may not know all the answers but I'll do my best. See 'ya at Bead Fest!

Second, I have two new Valentines Day e-books for you! Click on the little books to see them!

Until the next time, bead well.

New! 1-20-09
Be My Valentine
Group 2 e-Book

New! 1-14-09

Hearts! e-Book

New! 1-20-09
Be My Valentine
Group 3 e-Book

 New! 1-14-09

Be My Valentine
Group 1 e-Book