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Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #120 March 5, '09

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I've been beading like crazy the past two weeks. I needed some new jewelry to wear to BeadFest Santa Fe next week! There's nothing like a deadline to get my bead needle flying. So far I think I'm pleased with one necklace. The jury is out on the second one. Sigh.

I stumbled upon a new marketing web site called 1000 Markets. I haven't read any reports on the site so it may be good..... or not! Check it out and see if you think it would be a good place to market your beadwork. Let me know what you think about this.

I have a new TV addiction. The only problem is I can't bead while watching this show. It is much too fascinating. We've been watching "Treasure Quest" on the Discovery Channel. Last week they were exploring some German submarines from WWII. I am totally fascinated by this show. It's the same people who explored the Titanic a few years back. They have found the ship "HMS Victory" that went down in 1744. They had two episodes on this ship and are now teasing us while we wait for more on it. The Victory is supposed to have been loaded with a HUGE amount of gold.

Here is some very important info on Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I didn't know this kind of breast cancer existed. Please watch this.

Till next time, bead well,

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