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Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #123 April 25, '09

I think spring has finally arrived in Santa Fe! Wheeeeeee! I love snow but having snow on Easter Sunday is just plain WRONG. It's time to get my flower beds in shape for planting. I dread all that work. I have to stand, point and tell Coop what to do! Yes, that's my way of doing yard work.

I've been having great fun watching a couple of Bald Eagle nests. I keep a window open on my monitor most of the time that I'm working so I can glance up and see what the eaglets are doing. They are a month old now and are getting big. They still can't figure out what to do with their wings when they sit down. The Oklahoma nest had three eggs but only one hatched.

Oklahoma Eaglecam

 Virginia Eaglecam

Till next time, bead well.


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