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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #124 May 5, '09

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Have a marguerita (or two) for me! An enchilada and a few tacos wouldn't make me mad!

While going through some computer files I found an e-Book that I forgot to upload. DUH. For all you fans of Really, Really Round Peyote I apologize. Better late than never?

I have some yummy eye candy for you today. Relax and enjoy the goodies.

Till next time, bead well.

New 5/5/09

Mandala Classics


Crochet Tutorial - The Jewellery Goddes Rivoli Bezel tutorial

Cathy's Beadwork - Rivoli netted back tutorial

Wonderful dragons by Karly Manley - Born of Beads

Art doll forms

Russian Beadwork Exhibition WOW! Previous Exhibitions (translated)

Zoya Guttina (Russia)

My lovely beads (Russia)

Éva Fodorné Szabadi (Hungary)

nodakdame's photostream Beadwork and fabulous Dolls

Olga's Macrame Site

Beaded Flowers

Boa's Botanicals - French Beaded Flowers

Beading For a Cure auctions are back!

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Bead Fest Workshop: Custom Collage Charms

Bead Fest: Riveted Earrings

Bead Fest: Beaded Viking knit bracelet


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