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Suzanne Cooper's Beadylicious Newsletter #125 May 19, '09

I've been working on some amulet purse e-books lately. The amulet purse designs can be used for small necklaces, mini-tapestries, appliques for your jeans jacket or for whatever you want to decorate with beads!

I have some beadylicious eye candy for you today. Relax and enjoy the goodies.

Till next time, bead well.

New 5/18/09
Southwest Amulet Purses 3
Exotic Lands Amulet Purses


Julie's Beaded Elements - Dolls

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Heidi Hummli has tons of new work on her web site.

Ardeo Ardere Arsi Arsum

Vezsuzsi Gyongyei(Hungary)

Perlenzauber (Germany)


Original Beaded Designs by Sue Horine

Beaded pop art cars, relief paintings & pet portrait

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Celtic Designs

Celtic Knot Amulet Purses

Celtic Amulet Purses

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