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Suzanne Cooper's Beadylicious Newsletter #128 June 18, '09

And what have I been doing this bright summer day? I'm chained to my computer working on patterns! If I worked for someone else who expected me to work this hard I'd quit my job. That's a big fat lie, of course. I love designing! My latest things are shown just below this drivvel.

So, what have you been doing?

I have some beadylicious eye candy for you today. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the goodies.

Till next time, bead well.

Stained Glass
Amulet Purses

Flowers & Frills
Amulet Purses
4 Bracelets - Loom
Group 10
4 Bracelets - Peyote
Group 8
Maria's Pottery
Wall Hangings
Four Bracelets
Group 9


Fabulous photos of Bead Dreams and SGB Convergance beadwork on Beki's Beading Blog. Click the images to see the enlargements.

International Use the Muse Contest

Jeannette Shanigan's bead quilt project raised around $2150.00 at Bead & Button. This year, each quilt had 100 squares; previous quilts had 48 squares. You can see this year's quilts here.

IB-Beading The Bollywood necklace was a finalist in the Bead Dreams contest this year.

How to make a rosary:

Our Lady Rosary Makers
Rosary Shop
Lewis & Company

Lisa Kan Designs


To enjoy these sites in your own language just enter the URL on Google Translate and the entire site will be translated.

Fszevagyongy (Hungary)

Delica Passion (France)

Mireya Perles et Creations (France)

Une petite pause perles (France)

Les Bijous De Didou (France)

Meli Melo (France)

Mariposas Schatzkiste (Germany)

Perlenfieber (Germany)

Poerli (Germany)


ALLES MEINS! (Germany)

Der Zauber der Perlen (Germany)

BéKata ékszerei (Hungary)

 And now a word from our sponsor.... me!

Southwest Amulet Purses 3
Exotic Lands Amulet Purses

Celtic Designs

Celtic Knot Amulet Purses

Celtic Amulet Purses

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