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Suzanne Cooper's Beadylicious Newsletter #130 July 9, '09

I hope you had a great 4th of July. Coop and I decided to be lazy and we didn't do a darned thing. It was wonderful!!!

Now that we've survived the holiday and all the Michael Jackson newscasts it's time to get back to beading. As soon as I send this newsletter I'm going to work on a new bracelet design that has been in my mind for weeks. How about you? What are you working on?

I uploaded two new Southwest design e-books today. I promise I'll get out of this Southwest obsession soon. OK, maybe not too soon! I can't help myself. I love this type of design.

I have some beadylicious eye candy for you today. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the goodies.

Till next time, bead well.

 New July 9, '09
Southwest Rugs 2
Southwest Collection 3


Vintag Brass Findings & Embellishments

Anne Choi

Susan Bailey Poly Clay Beads

Sunfluer's Jewelry Designs - Bracelet and Necklace Sizing Charts

Glitter Glow Beading

Strands of Beads has photos of silver clay winners in the Bead Dreams contest plus some bead winners.

Lume di Luna Designs

Madeline Kaczmarczyk

On Choosing Colors by Gwen Fisher

Herringbone Sparkle! Bracelet Tutorial - Ruby's Beadwork

Barbara Grainger and Lydia Boren - Herringbone Tutorial & Fan Shape Tutorial

NO EASY BEADS - Ndebele Chain Directions

Ms. Maddies Beads

My Lovely Beads

Christine Marie Noguere

Bracken Designs

World of Beads


Some of these gourd artists use beads to embellish their work.

Arizona Gourds Bonnie Gibson

Robert Rivera

Paintings by Hellen

Zia Gourds

Gourd Art Festival

Gourd Mask Art

Gourds of Distinction


Apple Green Machine


Lush Lampwork

Earth and Fire Beads

Turned Light

Flame Born Beads


BeadySam Glass

Bruntie's Beads

Dilunah Glass Designs

Josephine Wadman

Fluid Glass Art Beads

Handmade Heaven

Flame Force Five

Maple Glass

Dragonfire Glass


Blue Fairy Designs


This is the scholarship contest where kids make their prom attire out of duck brand duct tape. Some of the results are pretty amazing.

Class Act Designs - Silk


Without Reservations - The funniest cartoons ever about Indians. And before you start think they are not politically correct, they are done by an Indian!

Funny car commercial!

 And now a word from our sponsor.... me!

Southwest Collection 1
Southwest Collection 2
Southwest Rugs 1

8 Narrow Bracelets

Celtic Birds

Maria's Pottery

Bracelets Group 6

Stained Glass
Amulet Purses

Flowers & Frills
Amulet Purses
4 Bracelets - Loom
Group 10
4 Bracelets - Peyote
Group 8
Maria's Pottery
Wall Hangings
Four Bracelets
Group 9

Southwest Amulet Purses 3
Exotic Lands Amulet Purses
Celtic Amulet Purses
Celtic Knot Amulet Purses

Celtic Designs
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