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Suzanne Cooper's Beadylicious Newsletter #133 September 19, '09


What a month it has been. I finally pulled the plug on my old web host and moved my sites to a new one. I finally have my e-mail back. Whew. If you have written and not received an answer please write again. Thanks to everyone for their patience during this mess.

In my last newsletter I was whining about a bead store here in Santa Fe closing. The space has been rented and in a short time "The Beading Heart of Santa Fe" will be open. Happy days are here again!

Coop's friend was in town for three hours and took some photos at Indian Market. If you click on "slideshow" you'll see big photos. Here is a photo of one of my beading heros, Marcus Amerman. I wish Dave had taken a photo of his beadwork. Of course the next time I see Marcus I won't recognize him. He looks totally different each time I see him. I think he is a chameleon! You can see more of his beadwork at RAINMAKER Native American Indian jewellery & art Bristol, UK. His entry this year featured Buffalo Bill and the Indians in hiw wild west show. The piece took 2nd place. Jamie Okuma took first place in beadwork again. I haven't been able to find a photo of her entry.

Till next time, bead well.


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