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Suzanne Cooper's Beadylicious Newsletter #135 February 19, '09

Whew.... busy, busy day! Coop got a call from Mayo Clinic this morning. The surgery on his second knee has been moved up to Monday instead of Wednesday. Eeeeeeeeek! Now we've got to pack, clean house, etc and leave for Phoenix around noon tomorrow. I'll just forget about cleaning house. The dirt will be in the same place when I get home in a couple of weeks!

I still haven't had time to categorize the latest patterns. You can see them here. I have more almost ready to upload. All I need is time. Maybe since this should be the last trip to Phoenix my life will be more calm and I can get things done.

While I'm gone you can keep busy with these links!

Till next time, bead well.


2010 Beading for a Cure gallery

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Yuli-Ya's photostream

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Bello Mondo findings, etc

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Mary Harding Jewelry Beading Blog

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Earthenwood Studio
Beading Blog

Lisa Pavelka - Poly Clay


Crackpot Beader Blog

Molly Alexander

Ro Bhrun

Keecia Frazee Deveney

Mary Jane Dodd

Melanie Earthenwood

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Kerin Gale

Vickie Hallmark

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Jenny Barnett Rohrs

Stephanie Rubiano

Deryn Mentock

Barbe Saint John



USE THE MUSE IV Contest! Scarlett (The Bead Maven) has all the information on her blog. February 25th is the last day to sign-up for a kit and receive the pre-order price.

Art Bead Scene Turquoise Color Challenge


Pet Cremains in Glass




Wearable art..... some are good for a laugh or three!

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