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Suzanne Cooper's Beadylicious Newsletter #136 April 7, '10

What a busy time I've had. I'm so happy to be home after Coop's second knee surgery at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. He is doing so well we can't belive t. He walks everywhere and has had no pain. It's my time now to get back to beading. I sighed up for the Bead Journal Project this year in order to force myself to learn bead embroidery. I'm almost finished with the fourth month. My skills started at 0 on a scale of 1-10 and they are now up to 3. I have a long way to go! My fingers would rather be doing peyote stitch but I'm determined to improve.

I uploaded some new patterns on my 24/7 download web site. And yes, I've been on a Southwest kick again. The latest uploads are on this page. I still have more to upload to check this page often.

Till next time, bead well.


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