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Suzanne Cooper's Beadylicious Newsletter #138 June 5 '10

Thought for the day: Unless life also gives you water and sugar, your lemonade's gonna really suck.

I've been a busy little designer lately. I have too many new ones to put thumbnails in this newsletter. I have new peyote stitch bracelets, loom bracelets, peyote mini tapestries and loom tapestries. I also have two FREE patterns for you. Both are Autism Puzzle patterns. You can give the pieces you make to a friend or sell them as long as the funds go to an autism charity like Autism Speaks. We may not make tons of money but every dollar counts. Please let me know how much money you make. Autism affects 1 in 110 children and 1 in 70 boys. We must find a cure for this disorder. Our children are crying out for help.

Take a peek here: 24/7 download web site.

See you on FaceBook!

Till next time, bead well.


Gerry Biron - Northeast Indian beadwork collection

Robin Atkins' first book One Bead at a Time ~ Free Download!
is available on her blog as a free download. How nice of Robin!

Bead Art by Sue Horine

Beading Arts has a free pdf of the first chapter of a new bead embroidery book.

Crimping - How to crimp a necklace or bracelet end Szarka style

Beads Beading Beaded - Loom techniques

Beaded Bichon Frise Sam, my Bichon really likes this!

Erin Simonetti


SuzYum Designs

Mary Darwall

Ande Gyongy


Land of Odds Eighth International, 2010 The Ugly Necklace Contest Semi-Finalists

Bead Star 2010 finalists

Use the Muse contest winners and entries.



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King Tut Treasures


Oil Spill - This link will place a spill the size of the one in the gulf over your home town to give you an idea of the actual size of this catastrophe.

JoAnne Russo - unbelievable basketweaving

Miniature Knitting by Althea Crome


Lampwork Beads and Jewelry by Lydia Muell - some of the most beautiful beads I've seen in a while.

Reyne Gallery

License Plate Frame "Plays with Fire"

Flametree Glass

Fire Monkey Glass

Brent Graber

The Glass Hive

Corina Beads

Velvet Glass Mosaics

Trey Cornette

Caitlin Hyde

Heritage Glass

Kristina Logan Glass Beads


Glass Forum - Wet Canvas

Handmade Glass Forum


Solar Powered Cockroach

Don't like that? How about a Mini Pig 2 LEDs Flashlight?

Unique Sexy 3D Optical USB Mouse


For beaders .... I Can Has Cheezburger

Pretend the ball is a bead if that helps you!

Etsy: gary's fine jewelry and stuff!! and on Facebook

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