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Suzanne Cooper's Beadylicious Newsletter #143 Feb. 11 '11

Thought for the day: Neat freaks are simply too lazy to look for things.

It's almost Valentine's Day so I hope you've been dropping hints about what you want for a gift. I'll take dark chocolate!

This link is just too good to put in the regular groups! For a whole flock of giggles read the tongue in cheek announcement "Beads Seized by FDA at Import Docks Declared Illegal" on the Omaha Beady Bunch web site.

See you on FaceBook! And yes, I play FarmVille..... a lot! If you want to be friends on FB please put a note saying something about beads or newsletter.

  I have 25 new cross designs for you.
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One month to wait!!!! BEAD FEST - SANTA FE  

9/11 Bead Quilts are Finally Home!

Barbara Natoli Witt

Judellen Beads

Art Quilts by Betty Busby

JEWELRY-MAKING-TIPS - There are tons of beading tips on this page!

Made by Olga - Russian eye candy on Etsy

Good Quill Hunting has links to tutorials for many, many techniques.

Anicca Jewelry Design - Etsy

Green Dragon's Cave - Etsy

Nancy Eha's crazy quilt. She has close ups of each square.

Wearable art by Klewism - Etsy

Penny Michelle

Edda Blume

Eva Maria Keizer

Ingrid Bernhardt

Marion Hembach

Solamente - Melanie Schow


The 6th Annual Halstead Grant

Beadwork VII: The Beaded Earth.


One link here leads to many links on this site! British Lampwork - lots of British beadmakers!


I'm not sure a diamond can be much more beautiful than this one. It sold at Sotheby's Geneva for $48,187,065.81 Video about the diamond

CF Jewelry Art

Designer Jewelry Showcase

Janiye Only One Gallery

Patina Gallery

Ornella Iannuzzi

Quadrum Gallery

Mobilia Gallery


From our Department of I don't make this stuff up: Confession: A Roman Catholic App for iPhone

Herding Cats - one of my all time favorite Super Bowl commercials

Janitor's Revenge: How to annoy people when it snows. I love the last part.

Really, really ugly shoes!

Matchstick Marvels

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