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Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #87 July 4 '07

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Happy July 4!!! As soon as I finish this newsletter I'm going to go burn a hot dog or two!

I've received some e-mails from beaders who were worried about my husband being in jail and needing bail money. Just to set the record straight Coop is NOT going to a real jail. On July 11 he is going to a pretend jail along with other Santa Fe citizens. This is a project called "Jail and Bail" and is being held to raise money for the March of Dimes. These events are being held in cities across the nation. One person thought I was going to jail in Mexico! Nope! We live in Santa Fe, New Mexico which is indeed a part of the United States! I plan to go to the "jail" and poke fun at Coop. I'll get some photos if I can. I do appreciate your concern and the donations to a worth cause.



Important Safety Information:

Beads are not for everyone. Small children should not bead or play with beads. Beading should not be done while driving or operating heavy machinery or equipment. You should not bead while under the influence of alcohol. Side effects include: lack of sleep, neck pain, finger cramps, eye strain, blurred vision, lack of interest in other activities or crafts, unusable and cluttered horizontal surfaces including but not limited to desk, tables, bars,and shelves space, fatigue, reduced funds in banking accounts. Most customers are not bothered enough to stop beading.

Martha Edlin's Casket - Video - Victoria & Albert Museum In 1671 Martha Edlin embroidered this casket when she was just eleven years old.

Just Beads Auction has a great list of bead shows.

Bullard Designs - Swarovski Magnetic Closures

Bead Art Forum "The Looking Glass Challenge"

Wild Spirit - Joslyn Hobbis Beads, dolls, textiles, paper and lots of other things.

Smithsonian Craft Show 2007 - Jewelry

Middle Eastern Dance - Headpieces, crowns

Beaducation online bead classes


Specialty Bottle - Bottles, tins, etc

SKS Bottle

Paper Mart - Boxes, bags, etc.


Create your own fireworks show!


Create Your Own Masterpiece! Take a quick personality test to produce your very own work of art. No artistic experience is required. The site will evaluate your answers and develop the painting for you.

Here's my painting. I must have been in a really mellow mood that day!


Kim Osibin Flameworked glass beads

Smithsonian Craft Show 2007 - Glass

Berengo Art Glass Studios - Venice, Italy. Way cool web site!

Vittorio Costantini - Venice, Italy

Andrea Guarino-Slemmons

Brent Graber

The Glass Hive

Birdsong Beads

Wildfire-Designs - Lauri Copeland

Mari Johnson Designs

Kristina Logan

Bayou Beads - Mary Jarvis

Mary Ann Williams

Torchdancer Studio - Debi Johnson


Cattwalk Lampwork Tools

ABR Imagery

Jim Moore Handcrafted Tools for Glass Artists

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