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Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #90 Aug 15 '07

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I couldn't resist this graphic! Siggie Plus has fabulous signature tags for beaders! Don't miss her beadwork.

I'm desperately looking for CONSTANCE VIERTHALER in Anchorage, Alaska. If you are reading this please e-mail me. I think I owe you a refund on your last e-book order. Your e-mail keeps bouncing.

Indian Market is this weekend. I can't wait to see the beadwork and eat mass quantities of fry bread! I've seen a photo of the piece the fabulously talented Jamie Okuma is entering. It will bring you to your knees. She is having a show at Blue Rain Gallery this weekend.

Till the next time, bead well.


Now you can apply to teach to all the Lapidary Journal Aspire enterprises shows.

Khahina has some cute little beaded hedgehogs!!! Look on the upper right side for a translation link.

When is BeadExpo coming back to Santa Fe?

The winners of The Beaded Bag Beadwork Magazine Juried Exhibition

Ohio Beaders Showcase

Wilde Jewels - Cassandra Graham

Beaded Curtain instructions and free patterns

This 'n' Tat - Bead tatting tutorial

Rosary Workshop has great instructions for making rosaries.

Bob's Beading Tutorials (stringing)

Make Your Own Bead Spinner

Beading Daily web site is up and running with lots of goodies!

Anne Perle - Germany Text in German and English

Voting open August 5-20, 2007 "Home Decor" Contest on

Jerry Smith Beads has a history of Swarovski crystal beads. Jerry has some new Swarovski styles including Modular Beads, Starfish Pendants, Graphic Beads, Cubist Beads and more!

Six-year-old Tashina Luta Winyan in her dance regalia. Too cute!

Bead Alert - Medical ID jewelry

Bead Fiesta Shows


Alaska's 2007 Wild Salmon on Parade And yes, some of them have beads!
I'm still giggling about "The Salmon Hooker." Among the 2004 entries there is a fully beaded one called "Bead On."

Not long ago Cindy Tipton had a vehicle crash into her Cindy's Crafts shop. It's happened again, this time to Joan Painter's shop. It's a conspiracy obviously planned by The Alien Tole Painters who want to keep us from beading.

Hmmm..... is this also the work of the ATPs??? Barbara Tilley - Wire Fun was doing an outdoor show in Virginia Beach at Mount Trashmore. An hour before the show officially ended the events a tornado hit.

SeatGuru will be a big help in planning your trips. It shows which seats are good or bad on each type plane. It also shows amenities on each plane. Which planes have food, etc. Food???? Oh sure they have food if you consider a cracker to be a meal!

Fabulous photos by a former Admin Chief for the Blue Angels

A Think Test - This test just didn't like my Mac but Bonnie (Delicaqueen) says it is a real mind boggler.

An article in the WashPost says Congress is considering making clothing design copyrightable so no more knockoffs.

Storage tubes with metal screw-on lids

3 1/2 Ounce Plastic Spice Jars   

YouTube Wirework: Perfecting the wire spiral with Lisa Niven Kelly

YouTube Wirework: Coiling by hand with Lisa Niven Kelly Part 2


Fused Glass Artist Marvin Oliver Chosen for '07 Indian Market Poster. There is a little better photo of the piece on this site. The poster must still be a semi-secret because it isn't on the Indian Market poster page. It should be there this weekend.

Robert Mickelsen Studio

Suellen Fowler Flamework Glass

JC Herrell Glass

Travis Weber Glass Marbles

Arcane Glass

Ancient Child Studio

Visions by Olivia Unique stained glass with a very African feel.

Angela Babby

Mark Lammi

Razberi Beads

Milton Townsend Glass Art Sculpture

Kathy Greer Beads

Jay Chantell Studio

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article Art Review: Whimsy and beauty shine in glass bead show

Fireflyz Bead Studio

Air & Earth Designs

The Flow Magazine

Rocker Jewlz

Fried Peas Lampwork

Blackberry Beads

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4 Bracelets - Loom
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