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Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #92 Sept 15 '07

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After I've been going bonkers working on a white on white evening purse I got this e-mail from Ingrid Teboe: "I picked up the October issue of Bead and Button. On Page 26 right in the middle is a tip called Don't Blow a Gasket. WOW!! Why didn't I think of that? To keep your beads from slipping all over your mat (especially when I have a tray or something on my lap most of the time) put down a hose gasket and put your beads inside of it! How simple can it be?? Why didnt' I think of that?? Oops, I guess I said that already ;)

Thanks for the info Ingrid! The hint was sent to Bead & Button by Sandra Doran of Eugene, Oregon. Thanks Sandra!!!

Till the next time, bead well.


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I'm on a Southwest kick now!

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Navajo Rug Storm
Mini Tapestry Loom
Woman of the Mesas Mini Tapestry Loom Word Chart

Navajo Rug Storm Mini Tapestry Loom Word Chart

Indian Pot Mini Tapestry

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