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Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #94 Oct 30 '07

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Happy Halloween! I'm gathering quarters to give to the few trick or treaters who will visit tomorrow. So help me, if I buy a bag of Halloween candy I'll eat every morsel we have left..... even if I don't like the brand!

I've been busy the last couple of days with orders received during my HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALE. Don't forget that the sale ends at 5pm (MST) on my birthday which is Nov. 6. It has been fun getting e-mails from other beaders who are Scorpios. One suggested the world would be a better place if Scorpios ruled it. Heck, I thought we DID rule!

Stay tuned to this station for a notice about my next sale. When will it be? Could be a Christmas sale. Could be a Happy New Year sale. Who knows?

Till the next time, bead well.


Christine Marie Noguere

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