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Suzanne Cooper's Newsletter #99 Feb. 21 '08

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I found a new translation web page!

I've been having way too much fun lately making beaded feathers. Snowy days are the perfect time to sit by the fireplace and bead! I'll let you know when the patterns are available. I finished two e-Books this week. Easter Eggs 1 and Easter Eggs 2. I hope you like them.

Beading For a Cure auctions begin March 2. There is a schedule of the auctions on the web site so if you've got your eye on a piece you'll know when it is scheduled. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF DATE. Suzanne can't type! March 2 is the correct date for the first group of items to be auctioned.

Till the next time, bead well.


Swarovski: Runway Rocks

The Beaded Lily (Florence, Italy)

Renelde Napoli

Renelde's 2008 Collection Renelde's - 2007 Collection

Wear Your Art (fr)


Many Horses - great info on bead sizes, wire gauges, millimeters to inches and more! While you're at this site check out the photo galleries. Wow!

The Gala Collection - Beaded cameras

Tutorial - Peyote Bezel around a Rivoli


Karla Kam - How to Crimp

Lakota beadwork by Dana LoneHill

Leather Cord Slip Knot for Necklaces


And now a word from our sponsor.... me!


Stuff I don't really need now but I just might need later so I'd better buy it now!

Natural Touch - resin beads

Don Pierce - Cast Sterling Silver Pendant to hold loomwork

This looks like a great case for traveling. Craft Mates® EZY Lock™ Double Snappin organizer™

The Color Wheel Company

Ogosh Buttons

Not Just Partz


Heidi Hooper - Dryer lint art

Mrs. Hughes Live at the Ice House

The Right Brain vs Left Brain test ... do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

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